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    Leopard sleep issues
    Hi guys,
    I have upgraded to Leopard and all is fine apart from when I put the iMac to sleep it wakes up after about 3 minutes. It never used to do this. I have searched here and google and can find nothing. Anyone any ideas?


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    I think I'm having the same issue. I installed Leopard a couple of days ago and the process went really well. Took about 30-40 minutes and it was done. I chose the Upgrade route seeing as I only bought my Computer in August. The only issue I've noticed that seems to have developed is that I can't put my machine to sleep. Selecting "Sleep" from the menu or using the keyboard shortcut causes it to go to sleep for about 1 second and then it comes back to my desktop. Anyone else experiencing a similar issue or know something i can do to correct it?

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    No problems here putting my one to sleep. You sure that your not nudging the mouse after you click sleep!.
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    We need to pile on this time
    Using limited vocab I posted the following but not too many read it for the header. This issue is absurd. They've (Apple) known about it for over a year. I really expected it to be fixed and that's not an unreasonable expectation. Please fix it.

    OS 10.5 - I HAVE A LIMITED VACABULARY Apple. MBP, Leopard and sleep, again.
    Thought upping to Leopard would solve my mpb's problem with waking up-- it took forever to load the login screen after waking. Nah, now takes forever and a few curses. What the I LOVE PINK RIBBONS????? I pay $3500 for a laptap, another $5000 for software, and I have to hard reboot after sleeping. Not useful or convenient. Forget the I LOVE ORANGE DONKEYS the phone, if people like me can't produce our work on instant's notice, your hardware/software no longer has what it always did. Spot on performance and reliability. This sleep issue has been going on for too long and you knew BEAUTY, THE BEAST, AND ME well that it was an issue. Get it fixed.

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    i'm also having the sleep issue after upgrading from tiger to leopard. but my problem is that my macbook is not sleeping AUTOMATICALLY as opposed to going to the taskbar menu and selecting sleep. when i make it sleep through the taskbar menu or shut the lid, it sleeps fine. but when i set it to sleep, lets say in 5 min, it doesn't sleep.

    I've noticed that when i initially upgraded to leopard, it worked completely fine. but after using bootcamp and installing windows, it didn't work. does anybody have any solutions? could it possibly be bootcamp causing this issue?

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    Are any USB devices plugged in perhaps? If so, maybe they're waking the MBP up somehow?

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