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    Hi all,
    OS -10.3.9

    Now this comes as an embarrassment as I worked with Macs from 1986 through 1998 but none since then. I have a PC since hence I'm up on 'security in general' with the PC.

    I recently installed a Mac at a friends and searched for Mac Anti Virus, I pulled up plenty of boasts about how the Mac didn't need any?

    Is this the case, I re-checked at a later date and still I could find no worthy Anti-virus software with the exception of Norton., but again I found some site mentioning the fact that Mac didn't need it.

    Could someone please post me their security/anti-virus/spyware ideas and suggestions for a Home Mac used for banking (or will be).

    eg a good set-up for a PC is:-
    AVG Anti-Virus
    Spybot (resident teatimer off)



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    read the faqs

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