I have a pre-intel mac mini (1.42GHz/512MB RAM.)
I have it connected to a 19" MAG screen and a Maxen 42" plasma with a VGA splitter. Everything has been working fine.
Yesterday I tried to install Leopard with a purchased install disk.
My screen came up with RESOLUTION NOT SUPPORTED. I tried a few times with restarts and kept getting the same message. So I gave up on the installation and tried selecting some different resolutions within the system preferences Display screen. Many of the selections gave me a similar RESOLUTION NOT SUPPORTED message on my screen. Hitting the space bar on my keyboard reverted the mac back to the previous resolution until I selected the highest resolution. I don't remember what it was, but it was something like 1690x1280. No the mac is stuck in this resolution and the screen will not support it. I tried booting in to safe mode by holding down SHIFT until the startup ring and letting it go when the apple appeared on the screen. The mac wouldn't enter safe mode. I have no idea what to do now. Any ideas?