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    Installing multiple copies of Leopard... advice on how to proceed
    I am in charge of Leopard installs for my boss. He has 3 macs- 2 imacs, 1 mbp. He has purchased Leopard for all of them, plus mine. I have done his mbp and my mb. Now I need to do his imac and his other imac at his house.

    The issue I am running into is this- I used SuperDuper to copy the hds, just in case. There are pretty much no other backups of his stuff. He has only 1 firewire external hd, which is what is recommended for a bootable hd copy. Since his mbp hd is currently copied on the external hd, I cannot use Super Duper on it for the 2nd install as it will erase the hd to make way for the new copy.

    Do you think that since the install of Leopard is done and running fine, that it is ok to write over the backup for the next 2 installs?

    There should be no reason to keep that hd copy since everything went great, right?

    I am just getting a little paranoid since this is my boss's stuff and this is my first OS upgrade on macs.

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    Keep it,....

    Is an external FW drive worth it? Yes!

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