Switched from a PC to a Mac Mini and picked up the new machine yesterday. Switched on, booted up, upgraded to Leopard and nosed around the OS (very impressed so far, even if the concept of maximise is alien to OSX!).

Anyway, the computer will be shared between myself and my girlfriend. One of the first jobs I had to do was set up a seperate account for her. Set it up in 'Accounts' and then logged out. Thats when my mouse pointer froze. The red light is still on under the (wired) mighty-mouse but it wouldn't move the cursor. I could still use the keyboard but not knowing the keyboard shortcuts to shutdown, I had to press and hold the power button to reboot.

When it booted up tried logging in and logging out. Same problem. Frozen mouse.

Tried again, this time logged in as my girlfriend. Logged out OK. Logged in as me and logged out. No problems. Tried fast-switching. No problems. Logged out a bunch more times with no issues.

Then I did some other stuff, culminating in installing Firefox and tweaking a few settings on the 'Accounts' screen again, logged out for the night and hey presto - the mouse was frozen again.

As the mouse works fine the rest of the time (its wired into the USB on the back of the mini) I can't believe its a hardware issue, but its frustrating especially as the reason I eventually ditched the PC and bought the Mac was due to 'freezing' issues!

Looking around the web this morning, it seems that some people have had similar problems and put it down to moving the mouse during the logout process, although these were all on older OS's (10.3), so not sure...

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Thanks in advance