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Thread: Kernel Panic During Install

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    Kernel Panic During Install
    I've been having an issue with kernel panics dating back with the 10.4.10 update. After updating I would receive a kp within 30 sec of restarting. I called apple and they told me 10.4.10 was mostly an update for the iPhone and that I don't need to update if I don't have an iPhone. So since I've been running 10.4.9 with no problems.

    But now the issue is that I purchased Leopard and when I booted off the cd to install, I get a kp within 30 sec of trying to install. I did an hardware test and nothing showed up. I did a mem stress test on XP and it ran fine. Any ideas?

    my mac:
    Intel 2ghz Flat Panel iMac (the white one)
    2 x 512mb DDR2 Memory (I've upgraded one to 2gig but the original memory creates the same issue)


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    I would run the Apple Hardware Test - you'll need to use your original system disc(s).

    Kernal Panics from a system update are not normal. OS 10.4.10 included a lot more than just updates for the iPhone.
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    I ran the Apple Hardware Test off my original cd that came with the iMac and nothing came up.

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