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Thread: X11 - Lost my install DVD...

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    X11 - Lost my install DVD...
    Lost my install DVD for my intel macbook mac os x 10.4.10

    need to install x11 so i can run open office... where do i go from here???


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    Do you absolutely need OpenOffice? There is a Mac version called NeoOffice that has a more Mac-friendly visual style and more importantly, doesn't require user installation of X11.

    But if you absolutely need it, then you can download X11 off Apple's site

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    If your running Tiger then X11 is only found on the Install media that came with the Mac ....

    Note 10.4 customers can install X11 by using the Tiger DVD installer disk.
    I would forget X11 unless you absolutely have to have it on your Mac and go with what Kash suggested: NeoOffice

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, CharlestonSC.

    Those restore disks are very good to have because they have installers for the bundled software that came with your Mac and because they include diagnostic tools for your Mac model.

    I would suggest you contact Apple to get a replacement disk.

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