I have been installing Leopard on several MACs this weekend.

Only one install went without a hitch - on a G5 MAC mini which contain a few games and MS Office 2004.

The other MACs had MS Office and loads of music and video and DVD production applications.

One interesting failure was due to the Polish language.

The install disk asks questions and gives you a few options. One option lets you select or de-select a few components - X11 and Lanugage support.

On my G5 iMAC, the Language option did not have a blank box nor a check mark, but had a "-" in the box. Each language was "grayed" with the word "Update", except Polish at the bottom of the list. Polish lanugage allowed you to check or uncheck the language - Install or "not install".

On the first attempt, I left Polish "unchecked". Install failed final validation on the Polish package !!! Looking at the install log, everything went well until the validation the Polish language package - which failed - but why? I did not select Polish.

On the second attempt to install Leopard I selected Polish language to be installed and the installation succeeded.

I have no idea why. My G4 dual system with identical software did not have this problem (it had different installation problems).

Having used MACs since day one (used Lisa and GS2 and Apple2 before that), I was surprised and disappointed with the Leopard installs. I have never had problems like this before. If a non-essential component fails validation, why not let the installation succeed and inform the user to do an update later of the failed component. (By non-esssential I mean the component is not required to boot the system. In my case, English was the default language of the computer so all other languages should not required for booting).

I hope that in the future, when upgrading from Tiger (or Panther) a later release of Leopard (eg 10.5.1) will have some of these issues smoothed out.

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