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    How do i wipe system?
    I just bought an older g3 imac from a school auction for $5. It has the os x operating system (not sure which version). How do I wipe the entire system and start from scratch? I don't have any software for this machine. Is this very difficult? Thanks for the help.

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    Leopard deosn't run on G3. Not without a hack anyway, unsupported by apple. Only panther and maybe Tiger if it has a firewire port and enough ram.


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    Apr 19, 2007
    tiger is fine with me, this is just a spare computer so i don't need anything special. i really just want it to surf. do i need to get a tiger disc or is there a way to restore it without new software??

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    I would suggest Panther for now. Your iMac won't support full functionality of Tiger (namely Core Image) and this is only to get the feel of a Mac, I think? And Panther will allow you to surf just fine for a while.

    Look at eBay for a Panther full, retail install CD kit. Don't take a kit that came with another Mac model it won't work because these are hardware specific.

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