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    Leopard, jittery dock? [Worth Upgrading?]
    I went to my Local Mac store today to check leopard and see weather its worth upgrading for my MacBook Pro and I noticed on nearly every mac they had on display, the dock was, slow, jittery and generally uncomfortable to use. Coverflow was real smooth so I'm not sure weather is some task that could be slowing it down. I forgot to check if spotlight was indexing so it could of been that.

    Anyone here experiencing these issues with Leopard?

    I'm a professional user rather than a general user with my Mac. I mainly use my Mac for Logic 8 (Music Production) and Web & Graphics design so thats The CS3 Suite. Will leopard help benefit me with these? It sure does look rather tasty lol.

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    I was at local apple store today also & didn't notice any difference in the dock, they had 2 imacs, 2 macbooks & a macbook pro on display & all seemed fine.

    However I understand alot of people have experienced this I think it may be something to do with type of install you carry out.

    I was talking to the guy at the apple store about something else & he mentioned they Clean installed on every machine so this maybe why it appeared fine it may not be the case with an upgrade install?

    I get my copy tomorrow (hopefully), so I guess I'll find out then.

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    No Dock issues for me here.
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    I had a jittery dock and was getting a lot of beach balls in general. I used Main Menu to manually rebuild the spotlight index and my problems seem to have gone away. *keeping fingers crossed*
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    I just upgraded and my Dock is fine, no problems at all.

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    I A&I on my G5 Power Mac on Fri. I found the dock slow, even after spotlight finished indexing & also slower bootup. After a day of using, and another go at A&I I decided to move back to my Tiger backup. Hopefully this can be sorted by an update and can give Leopard another go.

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    Have no speed issues with the dock either. Using it in the 3d mode, even with magnification set at max, can move back and forth across the dock as fast I can and the dock keeps up. No jitters or other issues. Note verified, but it seems like the delay for the dock to pop up when it is hidden takes just a little longer than with Tiger. But, I like this, as if I just accidentally hit the bottom of the screen it's not popping up on me.

    Am liking Leopard a lot on my MBP and have no problem recommending it for the average home system. But as far as your use in a business setting, from what little I've seen, you may want to wait for some updates. For sure would recommend you research any possible issues with CS3, Logic and any others used in your business before you jump in on that machine. Time is money there.
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    Upgraded to 10.5 on saturday morning and have found no problem with my dock so far.
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