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    Which one?
    Time machine - how much space does it use?
    Just wondering how much space time machine's backups use.
    I've got about 80GB of system, apps, & files on my Mini and I'm just wondering how large the backup will be after a month or so.
    I know that people are just getting it set up, but could some of you post your system vs backup sizes?
    How much does the backup grow over time?

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    Hi, ChuxMix, and welcome to Mac-Forums.

    From what I've seen in the demo... It uses the space it is given and it will create backups till you either tell it to stop or till it runs out of space.

    If it does run out of space, it will delete the oldest version to make space for the newest one, etc.

    Rule of thumb for buying a backup external hard drive was a minimum of twice the size of your internal HD. But the presenter at the Leopard launching event said that wasn't entirely true anymore.

    But I trust the old rule of thumb.

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