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    Question Unwanted hibernation issue
    This has happened a few times now since I installed Leopard:

    I leave my MacBook Pro on before I go to bed or to school, and when I come back to it some hours later it has gone into some sort of hibernation, but:
    - I have no settings indicating that it should hibernate when connected to a powersupply.
    - The light on the eject lid-button is not blinking, but shining constant.
    - No buttons can retrieve the machine from this hibernation.
    - When I put my ear near the machine I can hear it's on, but there's no actual fan og harddisknoise.

    Anybody got a clue?

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    So do you have to use the power button to bring it back to life?
    She figured out that the only way to keep from being frozen was to stay in motion,
    and long ago converted most of her flesh into liquid.
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    Yes, exactly. I have to hold it down to turn it off, and the start it up again.

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    I have found two new problem, maybe related to this one I have here:
    - I had these programs open: Adium 1.1.3, Firefox, Transmission 0.9 3508 and Azureus Suddenly my network stopped or slowed to an absolute minimum, in all programs, even Firefox.
    - Then, couple of minutes later, the greyscreen error came and the Mac froze.

    My thoughts are these; the greyscreen could have appeared and then the screen later shut down, which resultet in the unwated hibernated mode I first saw as the great issue.

    Any ideas?

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