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    leopard, windos &hp printer
    i'm quite new to macs, but i have to say they are a refreshing change from windows.
    anyhow, i still need windows to run my course i'm doing.
    i have installed leopard, no problem, even put the driver back on for my hp psc2410.
    windows picks up the printer ok (its attached to another mac on our LAN) - my problem is that it installs it as psc950. when i try to change the driver it tries to change it on the mac (which has the right driver). so i get the error that it can't write to it. vista has got the driver on it. it's stumped me a bit, but i'm sure it's something simple!
    any ideas on how to change it?

    thanks (great forum by the way!!)

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    Just wanted to welcome you to Mac-Forums, kspicknell. Someone else knowing about this issue is bound to drop in here and help you out!

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