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    webpages wont load
    hi, While I'm on the internet my connection constantly gets hung up. Ill be fine for a few minutes, then all of a sudden Ill click on a link or go to a different website and it will show the load bar in the bottom right hand corner and it will be spinning in the upper right hand corner, but it will be completely stuck. When it does this the signal meter usually temporarily goes from 4 bars to 3. The only way to get it to finish loading is to click the signal meter on the menu bar, once it goes from airport scanning to airport on, I can re-click the internet browser and the page will finish loading (most of the time). This also happens when I first open the web browser sometimes. Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone have a solution? By the way Im using firefox but it happens the same in safari. thanks.

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    Apr 29, 2007
    Just in case anyone else is having this problem (which it doesn't look like), I tried using my old airport express and the problem went away. The key chain update to leopard must have fixed the compatibility with apple's own routers because before neither my Belkin or AEX would work, now at least the airport works right.

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