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    Does Time Machine make bootable backups?
    I used a beautiful backup program called Backup Simplicity in Tiger that made a bootable Exact duplicate of my HD into my external drive. That's really I want to do.

    This morning I tried Time Machine for the first time. It only put a backup folder on my external drive. That's not what I want to do.

    So here's my question, if I totally erase my external drive will Time Machine make a bootable duplicate of my HD on my external drive also?

    Also, is there a way to schedule Time Machine for backups manually?

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    No to both questions. That's not Time Machine's purpose. You need an app like SuperDuper.
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    I might as well piggy back my question on this thread. How exactly can Super Duper and Time Machine work together? I use Super Duper currently and am awaiting them to update for Leopard. I'd like to use both. Can they share the same external drive or will I need a separate drive for each? How big is that backup folder that Time Machine creates? Is it as big as the drive it's copying?

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