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    Archive & Install option
    I thought I would be like everyone else and do a simple upgrade to leopard. As like many other people in the mac world, I was faced with the ugly "blue" screen after
    a so-called successful install.
    my question is this: "does doing a "archive & install" keep all of my existing files like my photo's,email,music? Or does it erase it?
    Once I got leopard I was sooooooo excited and didn't think about backing up.

    Thanks guys,

    24" Imac 3gb of Ram/ 7600Gt with 256mb grphics card
    MacBook Pro 2.13ghz,2gb ram,160gb hd
    32gb 3GS iPhone, iPad 32gb Wi-Fi

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    In short, yes it does keep them. The different install options, including Archive and Install have already been defined in the FAQ. Please consult it.

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