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Thread: An odd one

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    An odd one
    Since upgrading to 10.5 I have noticed some issues with forums and their cookies.

    When I come on the forums and read a specific forum, when I am done with the threads I want to read I generally use the "Mark forums as read" feature and move on. I have discovered that if I close Safari and then re-open it and come back, the forum shows all posts as new, even though I marked them all as read.

    I have also discovered that I can't have the Safari Plug-Ins enabled in Safaris prefs. If I do, after reading a few posts the beach-ball will appear and Safari will crash. I suspect this has to do with a Java Plug in since most forum software relies on Java so heavily. I also noticed that I can't actually log out of the forums, when I click the log out button, nothing happens.

    I have removed all of the M-F cookies and then started again with no luck, same deal all the way around. Right now, this only happens at M-F, or at least the unread posts issue does. It doesn't happen at ilounge or other forums on VB or at IPB based forums. The issue with Safari crashing when the plugins are enabled happens on all of them.

    Both issues happen with Safari 2.0.4, Safari 3 and Firefox.

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    My safari and firefox keep crashing every time i come to this site today since my Leopard install today...
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