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Thread: Application Disappeared from DOC

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    Application Disappeared from DOC

    I am facing one problem my all the application gets disappeared from the application folder and now only ? marks is coming in the dock. Can anybody tell me the actual reason why this problems surfaced out. No application is intently deleted from appl folder. All the application gets disappeared automatically and now only a trail of question marks is coming in the dock.

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    I cant tell you why it happened but I have something similar...once I installed 10.5 my internet connect icon dissapeared from the dock and is also missing from the apps folder. Where the dock icon was there is/was a ? in it's place.

    Would love to know why also.

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    Did you install X11?

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    The question marks mean that the finder/dock can't find the App that was there. You need to drag the ?? out of the dock and drag the apps in question back into the dock.

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