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Thread: Logitech Optical Mouse MX310

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    Logitech Optical Mouse MX310
    My lovely old wired mouse is not detected now in Leopard. Anyone have this problem in Tiger? I moved from Panther to Leopard with no other significant worries - the MX310 stills moves the pointer, but speed and various buttons are no good. Control panel item still there in sys prefs. Says can't detect.

    Got download from Logitech, which was probably the same being used in Panther.

    Probably Apple's trick to have to buy Mighty?

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    You could try a tool like SteerMouse?

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    I have this exact mouse, and have no problems with it. I did install the Logitech Control Center though. The latest Logitech drivers were uploaded on 10/09/07. They work the same way they did in Tiger for me.

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