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Thread: I can't restore my music or photos using Backup 3

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    Aug 15, 2005
    I can't restore my music or photos using Backup 3
    I backed up my Home folder, iphoto library, itunes music, and everything else Backup allows prior to wiping my HD clean and putting a clean install of 10.5. When I try to restore my music, photos, settings, etc, using Backup, I get an error message that the restore has failed.
    I've tried multiple times but I get the same outcome.

    Anyone else have this problem or suggest a workaround? i can deal with losing the music....just not my photos.


    P.S. I backed up everything onto a external Firewire HD, not iDisk.

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    Apple released an update to Backup yesterday to coincide with the Leopard launch... Maybe you need to download the update......

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    I did the same thing. Used Back up with Tiger and then downloaded the newest Backup 3 for Leopard and everything worked well. All my stuff transferred, pix, bookmarks etc.

    Make sure you use the newest version of backup like stated. Let us know if it works.

    I also backed up everything to an external firewire drive. WD My Book Home Edition.

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    I'm not sure if this is the problem, but all of my backups appear to be "incremental" and not "full backups". I am running Backup 3.1.2, but the restore fails each time.

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