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    Allow Another user to log on while the current one has locked the screen

    I like to have a screen saver password (or something equivalent) for whenever my powerbook goes to sleep or has its lid shut. However, from time to time, my mom likes to use the powerbook. She's not an admin, so the question is this: Is there any way for me to lock it in such a way that nobody can get back into my account without a password, but can log onto their account if they wish? I know that winxp can do this with fast user switching. is there an equivalent in OSX?

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    Yep as long as you have Panther, it should be on your password dialogue box.

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    umm...i'm not so sure what you mean. The screen is locked, and i see a window that says "Authenticate - You must authenticate to unluck the screen. Mac OSX requires that you type your password." and has space for a username and password. However, when i type my mom's in (non admin), it says invalid.

    Can you be more specific as to the solution?


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    Whoops, i'm stupid. I didn't have "enable fast user switching" enabled in the accounts menu.

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