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    Very slow 'info' calculation
    Does any anybody have any idea why when getting info '? i' on a folder takes so long in OSX? It seems to take ages to calculate the folder size even though it's only about 20mb? Back in the days of 9.2 it was almost instantaneous.
    The up side of this of course is the fact I can go and make a nice cup of coffee while it calculates away, like in the good old days when radial blur on a IIcx was my que for lunch!


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    I agree it does take ages for the get info to calculate the size of the folder. Dunno why... anyone else encounter this too?

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    spotlight index is screwed up. open terminal and paste
    sudo mdutil -E /

    type you password press return. (you will not see any characters while typing password in terminal, its normal, just type it on the keyboard and press return)

    go make some coffee (or take a nap - depending on you HDD size).
    when you get back ou can get all the info you need in the meter of seconds.

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