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    Install Leopard, but my combo drive is broken?
    I would really like to buy and install Leopard this Friday, but my combo drive on my Macbook is broken. I've already posted my problems w/ the drive in the Macbook section here, but nothing came of it. I'm pretty sure it's broken though: Macbook profile doesn't even recognize a cd/dvd drive, I can't insert a cd/dvd inside (no 'suction').

    I'm looking for a quick fix, rather then get the drive fixed/replaced, which I assume will take a few days. Does anyone know how long it usually takes if I take it in to the Geniuses at an Apple Store? Can I do a fresh install off an external usb cd/dvd drive? How about off a networked cd/dvd drive on a Windows PC? Any other ideas? Or am I forced to fix the drive first?

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    The ideal scenario would be you get that fixed of course. So you buy Leopard and wait for your MacBook to be fixed, no biggie.

    One thing that you could do is connect your MacBook to another Mac and use Target Disk Mode to install Leopard but using that method, I'm not sure if you get the three different install options or not.

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    Installing a new operating system on a machine that is not working properly is like buying new chrome wheels for a car that doesn't run.

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    I don't think there is necessary a quick fix for your combo drive. Sounds like you get another one installed and purchase Leopard when you check out
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