This is a puzzle that I just can't find a workaround for. Sorry in advance for the long winded explanation.

I have a small Windows/Active Directory domain and have a dedicated file/print server running MS server 2k3 enterprise. My Mac is joined to the domain and can use just about every network resource with ease. Only thing it chokes on is accessing my network printer. I have an HP photosmart 7760 printer. I activated Mac file/print services on my print server but it didn't add a Mac driver to the list of pushed drivers.

My mac sees the printer on the network but dosen't have the correct driver installed to operate the printer. it's trying to use the built in photosmart 1100 driver. I downloaded the latest HP driver .dmg file and it ran a hefty install that bypassed the Mac Printer utility. It wouldn't see the network printer and setup a program at startup that wouldn't go away until I physically plugged the printer into my Mac and set it up as a local printer. I have since moved it back to the file server thinking that since the driver was on my Mac now, I should be able to just select it from the dropdown of printer drivers avaliable but it's not a choice when using the Mac utility. Still just goes as far as the 1100.

Is there a way of extracting the Mac driver from wherever HP placed it and copy it to a location where it would add it to my list of avaliable drivers so that I can associate it with my network printer?