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    Macbook has slown down ready for refresh
    I went into the apple store today regarding my Macbook Pro. I told them it has slown down a fair bit. I have had it over 6 month now and they said it could do with backing up my files and iphoto and do a format and reinstall. As I told them I tried the other software mention on here to do rebuilds but does not help.

    I am wondering if any of you kind people can tell me how I can backup my iPhoto and Mac Mail.

    And is it true it a good think to do a reinstall of the OSX from scratch?


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    Feb 07, 2007
    Any help on this please how to do the refresh today

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    Mac OS X is not like Windows where the registry gets loaded up with excess stuff over time. I suggest trying OnyX (it's free) to clean out the system; I run this once per month. If you do not keep your Mac on at night, the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance scripts may not have been run (OS X 10.4 is supposed to sense this and run them the next time the computer is turned on, but I have read that this feature may not work 100%. Anacron (another free application) can be used to select the times when you want the scripts to run. See this article: for more tips.

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    Oh Ok, It just that I have tried it and it does not seem to make any different. Not to sure what i should be using on that software and what should be ticked.

    Apple store told me a refresh is a lovely thing to do is that correct?

    Also it takes longer to boot up aswell these days

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    mine is the same but ive had mine over 12 months now, think its time for a re install wont do any harm.

    emails if your account is a imap account you should be ok.

    any thing else you will have to back up.
    powermac G5 2.3Ghz 2 gig ram
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