Hi there,

We've had an Intel iMac for about 9 months (1.83 C2D w/ 512MB RAM), and for most of that time, it's worked pretty well. However, we're running into some issues and are hoping folks have pointers to some answers to our questions.

1. We just recently purchased a Nikon D40. The last few times we've transferred pictures, the Mac (predictably) threw up an alert saying that we needed to make sure not to disconnect the camera before it was properly ejected. However, the ejection process hangs (beachball). One time, the system responded much later, after the camera had been ejected, with a message about how bad we were for not properly ejecting. The other time, the system hung, and my wife eventually (ten minutes or so later) just powered off, then powered on. Any hints?

2. The iMac sits behind a Belkin Wireless-G router (F5D7230-4 6000), and apparently doesn't play well with it. The other computer sharing the internet connection is a Linux PC, and while the speed of browsing from either isn't particularly awesome, the P3 700 MHz machine has a much better go of it than does the newer, faster, prettier Mac. There may be something about the router itself, and I know it has some imperfections; but switching ports between the machines doesn't seem to change the fact that the Mac is often abysmal. I need help with this, because my wife gets frustrated and hooks directly to the cable modem, leaving my computer disconnected.

I have done a little searching, but I haven't found anything terribly useful so far. I'm likely to eventually ditch the Belkin router, possibly for a slim Linux machine acting as a gateway and server of sorts; but I shouldn't need to just to get acceptable performance out of my relatively expensive internet account.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. For what it's worth, we're running 10.4.10 and just this morning installed the new iMac firmware.