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Thread: Mounting Documents, Music, Video and Picture folder to different location

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    Question Mounting Documents, Music, Video and Picture folder to different location
    I would like to mount the documents, video, picture and music folders to a different location than \users\<username\. Anyone know how I can go about doing this? My goal is to have those folders default to folders on a shared partition on the drive. I am dual booting OS X and Vista and would like to share the folders I listed above so both operating systems can read and write to them. I have my drives setup as follows:
    Partition 1 OS X
    Partition 2 Vista OS
    Partition 3 Shared
    I already have Vista defaulting to the correct folders on the shared drives but not sure how to get it done with OS X.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Problem - OS X uses HFS+ and Vista uses NTFS for file systems. They can commonly use FAT32 as their intermediary but they both lose the benefits of their native file systems. One, FAT32 only supports 4gb file sizes which can be a problem when working with video. Two, NTFS can only be read by OS X and not written, HFS+ cannot even be natively read by Vista at all. Three, the OS X resource/data forks can be corrupted when stored on non HFS+ volumes.

    You can move your home directory to an alternate volume in OS X, but I wouldn't recommend putting it on a FAT32 partition.

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