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    Display Problems
    Starting a few hours ago, my screen display started freaking out on me.
    Parts of the screen appear blurry, and once the mouse is dragged over the area, the pixels become scrambled and uneven.
    The entire menu bar is affected, as well as every app.
    Ive tried restarting a couple times and temporarily disabling some apps in my menu bar as it was the first place I noticed the problem.
    I dont think its an actual hardware problem because the screen doesnt start acting up until the menu bar is starting up.


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    What model machine are you running?

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    This is typical video card problem and almost assuredly hardware related. If a re-boot does not take care of it and you're still under warranty I would call Apple.
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    Oct 04, 2007
    15" MBP 2.2g 2GB
    mbp 15" 2.2g.....

    thanks, I'll give apple a call later today.

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