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    Powerbook G4 DVI: black on startup-at open firmware phase, screen comes on at loading
    Hey. I'm experiencing a few problems with my Powerbook, but I'll post one problem for now.

    I got my Powerbook G4 DVI 667Mhz off eBay a couple of days ago. This problem is that the screen is black during the first part of startup, at the phase were you should see the firmware stuff, or the BIOS display. I'm not sure what this stage is on the Mac. Anyways, the screen is black for about 30 seconds when it finally comes on when the OS loading screen appears. The chime does come on at the start, other than that you would have no idea it was on.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks guys.

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    First do this...

    1. Locate the following keys on your keyboard: COMMAND, OPTION, 'P', and 'R'. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 2.

    2. Restart your Macintosh and hold the COMMAND-OPTION-'P'-'R' key combination. You must be pressing this key combination before you get to the 'Welcome to Macintosh' screen.

    3. You will hear the startup chime. Continue holding the keys down until you have heard three chimes.

    4. Your computer's PRAM will be reset to the default values.

    All you should see during start up running OSX is the startup disk and a bar loading the operating system (OS loading screen). It's normal that your screen is completely black for 20-30 seconds during startup. Remember that you have a 667Mhz PowerBook, it's going to take some time to startup. You also want to make sure that you completely update you computer via "Software Update" under that Apple pull down bar located on the top right corner of your screen.

    Good Luck!

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    Macs running OSX do not display startup information such as people are used to in a PC. What you are describing is I believe normal. AS long as you get the OSX graphic with the loading bar graphic before you see the finder... I think your ok. HOpe that helps...


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