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    Convenient Multi-Access File Sharing?
    Hey there,

    I'm new to the forums so thanks for any help.

    I just created an Excel file of all the jobs our company has right now. We all run Mac and have an OS X server. I want to be able to place this excel file so it is locked on everyone's desktop so everyone has convenient access to the file. I also want people to either be able to access simultaneously or be booted from the file after so long (just someway so people who forgot to close the file don't screw everyone else out of it)

    BTW, I have tried creating aliases for people and then placing them on thier desktop. this makes it easy to access the file, however only the first one logged in is given read-write priveleges, which screws over anyone logging in after them. Is there a way around this?

    Any ideas on how to set this up?


    -Todd DeBacker

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    Excel is poorly suited to this kind of thing.

    A multi-user database like FileMaker or 4D would help, if you have access tho those applications.

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