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    Unhappy Get rid of Type Agent
    Hi, does anyone know how to get rid of Type Agent? I found it in the application folder, it's recording probably everything going on in my computer, and I could not find a way of uninstalling it (if I put it in the trash it comes back)! By the way I found an uninstall folder, but could not open it (says that there is no application to open it, would you know which application is needed to open it??)
    Thanks a lot!

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    Type Agent is a keylogger, perhaps you need to investigate how it got there...

    Put it in the trash and empty it immediately?
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    You'll probably have to reboot and log in as root to remove it.

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    Thanks, but what does it mean to log in as root (I am in France, so I am looking for translation, is it like administrator?)

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    see this post for uninstall instructions

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