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    Slow system start up
    My system seems to be getting slower and slower starting up. The initial start up process seems the same with the OS splash screen showing and the progress bar. What is happening is after the menu appears, the system seems to be thrashing around on the hard drive for 20 or 30 secs before the desktop appears.

    I have run the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance scripts but it has had no effect. I even tried cache cleaning but also no effect.

    I have checked the startup items folder and it is empty. I have checked the login items for my account and there is only
    Little Snitch Daemon
    Font Agent Activator
    Adobe Resource Synchronizer

    None of these are new or even remotely recent except perhaps for the adobe resource synchronizer. I recently installed the adobe production premium. I had only the design premium installed before.

    Anyone have any ideas how I might fix this?

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    Have you tried giving your system a thorough cleaning with OnyX?

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    Jul 20, 2007
    No I haven't tried onyx. I did try main menu to run the most common maintenance tasks. Is onyx somehow better?

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    Pretty much the same actually. OnyX has a bit more of a confusing interface, I find, and for someone not really knowing what she/he is doing but wanting to try all sorts of stuff in there, can really mess the system up if not careful.

    You did run all the MainMenu cleaning scripts, right?

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    I have run the main menu cleaning scripts, the onyx cleaning scripts, I even ran the deep system cache clean with main menu. That should slow the system down for a bit but it was a week ago and I use the system every day.

    Onyx cleaning had no effect. It seems like I am getting the windoze slow down effect after some time. I really thought that would not happen with osx.

    I have no clue what could be causing this. I think I have tried everything including booting from the install disc and repairing my osx drive even though it verified fine.

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    The only other thing I can think of is if your hard drive is getting pretty full...

    You do seem to have something that might be slowing things down in your startup items. Little Snitch could be the culprit as it checks the incoming and outgoing traffic all the time though.

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