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    How can I keep my settings on a USB drive?
    I know with Windows XP you have have your profile or settings on a USB so that you can plug it into any PC and have your settings the way you like it. Some USBs even have additional programs that you can run off the USB.

    I've got a work macbook and I'd like to keep my part-time work totally separate.

    What I envision is a USB drive where I plug it in, log in as my home user and have all my files stored on that USB drive. Is there some solution like this?


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    Yes, all you need to do is do a image copy of your Macbook and put it on an external USB disk. Boot from the USB disk and you have a completely seperate Mac OS environment, wth its own user accounts, own home fodlers and so on.
    Use something like Carbon Copy Cloner or Netrestore.

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    Closer than you think.
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    Just create a second user for part time work.

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