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    OSX dropping proxy server with Onspeed
    First I apologize for my first contribution being a question. I have searched, in fact the reason I felt it necessary to register and post was because this is one time that I have been unable to find a solution by researching the issue.

    This issue is occurring on a 2GHz intel core duo Macbook with 2GB RAM and running Mac OS 10.4.10. However it occurs in exactly the same way on my G4 Powerbook running 10.3.9, on both GPRS and Broadband connections and on both Firefox and Safari so I don't think it is connection, Mac OS version or browser related (but I could be wrong).

    Basically I am using 'onspeed' ( with a GPRS connection on my laptop for mobile internet access. The onspeed software together with some Firefox tweaks gives me exceptionally good download speeds for general webpage and email browsing and really only falls foul of large image based sites or video streams. Whilst I understand many people have had no success with onspeed, it makes a huge difference to me on my GPRS connection. Broadband benefits are minimal (in my opinion).

    My issue is with the proxy server. When you activate onspeed it sets the http proxy to on Port 5405. Username and Passwords are required.

    What is happening is that after a certain period of time (doesn't appear to be consistent, but may be related to internet access being idle) a warning box appears stating that an error occurred when onspeed attempted to integrate with Mac OSX Network Settings. Code 505 is quoted. The Network settings window will show that the http proxy check box has been cleared and port 80 reinstated.

    It is frustrating as manually resetting the proxy in Network settings doesn't resolve the issue and onspeed has to be terminated, relaunched and allowed to automatically reset the proxy. Since Firefox also has to be manually set to work with a proxy it also means that until onspeed is reset, all internet access is terminated.

    Whilst in this state, the browser reports that the proxy server is refusing connection.

    Is there anyway to 'lock' the http proxy setting? I have tried locking the network settings window, but this doesn't make any difference, the settings still change.

    For once I'm stumped!

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    Hi there

    If you contact ONSPEED support, they can send you a new version. This is a bug in the first release of version 6 for Macs that makes the software unresponsive after idle time. The new version they can send you does no longer cause this.

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