Hi, I have been having problems with my old imac. It's running on 10.3.9. I am getting a new mac soon, but need this to work in the meantime.

I got overzealous in my file deletion, in an attempt to make more space. In the process, I managed to delete my system preferences. I saw 2 folders.. looked to be seperate, in different locations, and thought it was a double. Nope.

Anyway, I no longer HAVE my 10.3.9 disk.. I moved, and having never needed them in the last few years, and knowing I was getting a new computer.. i tossed them.

But of course. Now I need them. I bought an external harddrive, that I can't even use because I can't get into disk utilities to reformat. I tried DLing a java 10.3.9 update, hoping a copy would be in there, but I can't open it.. I get a .gz file and a .pax file, which won't open, says the contents folder is locked.

In researching what I could do, I read that someone could email you JUST the system preferences file.. which would be great, except know one I know has 10.3.9.

Does anyone have any advice for me?

Thank you so much in advance!