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    previous systems folder
    I just used an archive and install to downgrade to 10.4.9 in order to fix my wireless. Do I need to go through ALL of the system folders to make sure I have everything? Im talking like library folders. Anything I'd loose if I just deleted the previous systems folder would be 3rd party right? I guess my question is if I just delete the previous systems folder, can I possibly mess anything up in OSX itself?

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    No. The system is not running or relying on anything that resides in that folder any longer. I usually wait a few days to a week to see if there is anything that I need though, sometimes things get misplaced. I figure if after a week I don't need it, I'm ok to dump it. All it's doing is taking up space until then.

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    Allright ill keep it around for a few days, thanks.

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