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    Textbook CD-ROM too old to work with Tiger, what should i do?
    Okay everyone,
    This is very annoying.
    I have a history textbook on a CD-ROM because our school is too poor to actually afford the books. I like the CD-ROM better, but the textbook is so old, it was made back in the day of OS9 and 10.0! So i go to install it, and it installs fine, then i go to access it and it says "Please insert a Student Express Resources Disc", which is clearly in the drive. Did it on an iMac with Tiger too, and worked on a PC, and it worked on a Mac with Jaguar. Frustrating. So, all of the students with Tiger are going to be ****** out of their mind. I went to return the CD and to check out one of their very limited supply of textbooks, and i told the librarian that the CD-ROM is incompatable with Tiger, and she says "Well, the only thing you can do is to install Jaguar instead of Tiger on your Mac, then it will work fine." What!? She expects me do DOWNGRADE my computer for some stupid textbook! Get a tampon lady. Then she tries to convince me that im doing something wrong, wanted me to come in at 645 the next morning so she could show me how to do it........on her PC. Uh no, im not an idiot. I called customer support, more than once, they couldnt figure out a problem.
    So I cannot check out a textbook, and downgrading my OS is out of the question. I do have 10.2 on a CD, but im not installing it on my main drive, no way. I paid $129 to upgrade to Tiger in the first place. I would be willing to install OS9, i still like OS9, but i dont have a CD. So thats out of the question.

    And my PowerMac G4 DA cannot boot from firewire, can it?
    I dont suppose i can install Jaguar on a 2GB SD card and boot from it via a digital camera (USB)?

    What should i do?
    Ive been considering adding an old hard drive and installing jaguar on that,
    how would i go about doing that? i dont want to screw something up. but if i do install an extra drive, how do i physically put it in the powermac? dont i have to buy a hard drive caddy thing for more than one drive?
    This is so frustrating. anyone wanna trade a 10.2 discs for a 9 disc? No? i thought not, lol. So like the only one with this problem, not a lot of people in my school have Macs.

    What should i do?



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    i was a little angry there,
    i apologize for my rants.

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