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    Question Fast User Switching and sharing
    I want to enable fast user switching but still want all users to have access to the full iTunes would I go about doing that? If I put it in the shared folder...iTunes automatically copies anything to that user's music folder. At 14GB of music...that takes up space in a hurry. Is there any way to enable each user to access the music without copying it to every user? Thanks!

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    Well, if you shoot them all towards that same folder, it shouldn't actually copy all to each user, just a title, and a link to that folder...the wording I'm using isn't completely correct, but I think you can see what I am saying.

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    Well I tried doing that with the shared folder under the HD, but when you log in as UserA and do add to iTunes library, it copies all the songs from shared to UserA Music folder. Then when you log in as UserB, it does the same thing and copies to UserB. Maybe I'm just not adding them right...or there is something I don't know. I would just think there is a way to share the program and library across different users without copying them to each profile :confused:

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    I was wondering about the same thing. I concluded that the easiest thing is to store all the music in one users account, and then share it through iTune. Other users can still maintain their own music library, but they have to copy each songs/albums as they are added. There is no concept of "shared library". I believe iTune was designed intentionally this way in order to avoid potential copyright issues with music sharing.

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