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    Arrow need help with Mac OS drive backup imaging
    Hello --

    Thanks for taking the time to read. I have a lot of experience with computing, but am a new learner in the Mac OS world. I've studied up before coming here for help. I could really use assistance in drawing upon some collective experience.

    The task: Image a 30 GB Mac OS drive onto an external hard drive.
    Then replace the 30Gb drive with a larger 40GB hard drive. And finally,
    image back onto on this new larger 40GB drive so that I end up with
    the copied 30GB Mac OS on a bootable partition and another roughly 10GB
    of free space.

    I've done this successfully on Windows machines several times. There probably aren't too many curve balls in the Mac OS world for this sort of thing, but I think it's in my interest to check a few things below.

    (1) The external drive for the backup will be a 320GB Seagate USB model. What program or application might you suggest that I use with OSX 10.3.9 for this imaging? I'm OK with bootable CDs if the best application for copying the drive in a manner outside of the Mac OS is recommended.

    (2) I note by examining the partition structure via Debian Linux on the 30GB drive, that the Mac OS volume has hidden utility partitions before the hfs+ partition. I am told these are stuff like Mac partition table, os9 and/or osx drivers, a partition labeled 'Patch Partition', and so on. Keeping in mind that this is OS X 10.3.9, do I want the 30GB image copy to occupy the "first left part" of the new 40GB hard drive? (with my 10GB free space at the "end right" section)

    (3) Is there any condition that the existing 30GB drive needs to be in before attempting to copy it bit-by-bit? By "condition" I mean the journaling state or non-journaling state, or anything else which I should consider.

    (4) And finally, since the task I seek is surely fairly routine for anyone who is upgrading their hard drive, and in addition due to the nature of the "hard partitions" on the Mac system drive wherein you need to initialize for many changes, is there a "just buy this program, dude" you can say has worked for you?

    THANKS A LOT !!!

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    The older version for 10.3.9 is at the bottom for download.

    Good Luck

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    SuperDuper! is also highly recommended.

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