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    Black screen of death and error message!
    My brand spanking new Macbook Pro has died and I don't know how to fix it! I was trying to get my music off my ipod onto my
    MBP. I got directions off the internet to go to
    Applications, Terminal and then copy and paste a line of code that
    shows hidden folders.
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE killall Finder
    That worked but then I saw all these other folders in my MBP Hard drive. So i
    stupidly tried to Trash them and start again. Then it started asking
    me permission and when i put in my password it was invalid. Then it
    started freezing up and no applications would open. So i just
    restarted the computer and got the black screen and a message
    something like /etc/passwd:No such file or directory
    and then some numbers and a message like I0Bluetooth HCI something something. I tried to reinstall the applications but when I did there was still programs that I had installed separately (like Final Cut) on the hard drive. (So maybe it didn't reinstall because that's supposed right, cuz then I would have had to reinstall Final cut?)
    Then it still wasn't working properly and it wouldn't even shut down so i
    manually shut down. when i restarted it goes from a blinking apple to
    an X sign (like a circle with a line through it) and alternates back
    and forth between those two pictures.
    Sorry that was long- but any ideas?

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    i would say put the first installer disc in and when rebooting hold the C key. and install mac osx again if it works

    o and next time u want to put music onto your mac from your ipod there is like 10 apps that can do it for you

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    You deleted loads of hidden files from your hard drive? I'd reinstall the OS, you probably deleted a load of vital stuff.

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    I did reinstall and it didn't help. Now my computer won't even turn on...Does reinstalling OS just mean putting in the installation disks and following the directions that pop up?

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    First of all... Unless you are an experienced command-line UNIX user, don't mess with the Terminal... leave it be. I don't care if the site says, "just copy and paste this line of text into Terminal"... don't do it. Simple as that.

    Secondly... boot up from your install discs and reformat the drive using Disk Utility. When the drive is formatted, do a completely new install of the OS.

    Finally.... If you want to get music from your iPod, use an app called Senuti. A quick Google search will show where you can download it from.
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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, jucliu.

    How did you reinstall the OS? If you used the Archive and Install method, you probably reimported the weirdness in the new OS. I would personally use the Delete and Install method.

    If that is what you used to reinstall, reboot from the restore disks and instead of reinstalling right away, look at the items in the menubar: one of them should contain DiskUtility. Select it and wipe your hard drive using the zero all data method. It will be longer but at least it ought to get rid of everything there was on it, even the deep down stuff.

    Once DiskUtility is done with the deletion, reinstall the OS.

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

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