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    "Mounting Failed", please help
    Hello all. I'm having a terrible time trying to figure out how to fix the following problem: I downloaded Firefox (again), and I received a "Mounting Failed" notice upon completion. This never happened to me before, so I clicked on the disk image and saw a warning "The following disk images failed to mount"...Firefox 2 (something) Reason: Failed to Mount". I then went to my disk utility and did a "repaire permissions", thinking that might help but no dice. I tried downloading other .dmg files, all failed. What's the deal, and how serious is it? I'm barely literate with computers, so if anyone out there can walk me through how to solve this problem with detailed instructions, I would greatly appreciate it.

    p.s. - In case I need to do a complete re-installation, I should mention I need to back up my documents, music, etc. beforehand. I have an external hard do I back up all the important things (the things I want to get back)? I'm assuming it is simply a matter of clicking and dragging, but if you could also tell me how to back up everything reliably I'd be most grateful.

    Thanks in advance for any help. I don't know what I'm doing, so please bear that in mind if you have any suggestions.


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    can anyone please help me? I know somebody out there knows how to fix this.

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    anybody. seriously. where's the "cult of mac" community?

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    That's about it for backing up. Just drag your home folder into the reliable external drive or better just the documents, music andpictures folder. While reinstalling, if you HAVE TO, I don't think you should, select Archive and install. It will save all your data in a special folder while making a fresh install. So you have all your data safe there.

    Is this happening only to Firefox?

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