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    help. osx starts monitor out of range. cant do anything!

    I purchased a new mac mini from craigs list and when I went to boot the frist time I can't do anything. When it goes to the desktop it goes out of my monitors range. How can I fix this so I can do stuff on this computer. I also do not know the root password. I really want ot just install everything fresh. How can I do that? It is an intel mac mini if that matters.

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    Try pressing shift while booting as it will go into safe mode.

    If you don't know the root password, just boot with the install DVD (Press C while booting with the disc in drive) and from thereon you can reset the password as well as reinstall the full OS.

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    thanks. I am installing the os as we speak.

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    Jul 21, 2007
    Thank you goobimama. It is all up and running now.

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