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    Question How to Uninstall and Reinstall Adobe Reader?
    How do I get Adobe Reader to work again on my eMac? How do I uninstall and reinstall programs like Adobe?

    I was having trouble with it some months ago so I trashed the folder with Adobe in it and downloaded a new version of the free reader. Sometimes I can read a pdf document but whenever I'm at any State of Connecticut website where I click something like this:

    I get a window asking me to pick an Adobe Reader from my Applications folder and when I click the Reader the Safari window for that link just stays blank.

    How do I uninstall this malfunctioning Adobe Reader properly and then will I be able to reinstall a new download of a free Adobe Reader in a way that will work properly again?

    I'm running OS X 10.3.9 and using Safari 1.3.2. Thanks for any advice, I'm the only one I know with a Mac so I've got no friends to ask. I'm pretty lo-tech but finally joined this forum so I can solve this problem and maybe stick around and start to learn more about my computer, eventually I'll be asking you guys for advice on building a web page too but right now I just want my dobe Reader to read pdf links. Thanks!

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    Lightbulb Adobe Reader 7 Download for Mac 10.3.9
    I was searching for any downloads for Adobe Reader 7, because my mom's iBook G4 has Panther 10.3.9. I never realized how difficult it is to find old versions of compatable apps. So I spent a while and I did come accross your posting here, with no response from back in '07.

    So, I wanted to list my results : has a nice selection of old apps for those who choose to run older mac OS's. They have even more Windows apps as well.

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    You don't need adobe reader. 10.3 has preview. In fact, every version of OS X can read pdfs right out of the box, since the entire GUI is based on pngs (which are pdfs).

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