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    Cant install os 10.4 to ibook...
    Ive decided to upgrade to os 10.4.6. I know my ibook doesnt have a dvd rom drive so i tried to use an external usb dvd rom drive to install the new os.
    I boot up the ibook holding down the option key and then selecting the os disc, but it tells me there are no drivers found. i'm stuck and would like to get my ibook spiffy.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, alert.

    In order for the install to work if I'm not mistaken you would need the external DVD to be FireWire instead of USB.

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    Unfortunately MacHeadCase is right again(!) The iBook won't boot with a USB device. Got a friend with a PPC Mac, DVD player and Firewire? That'll do your iBook.

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    alrighty. i shall give that a shot 2m. thanks again.

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