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Thread: Backup Recovery

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    Backup Recovery
    Hi everyone

    I have a Powerbook with a corrupt operating system.

    I connected the drive to a PC and copied all the files to it.

    I had the intention to get the drive sorted by apple who were going to wipe the drive (this has been done and i now have the drive back working correctly with no files).

    When i copied the files, there was a large 26Gb file under the profile name, I take it this contained the pics and music ect.

    I have now copied that large file back to the working powerbook but cannot do anything with it, when i try to open it, it asks me for a password, i enter my normal password but it will not accept it.

    I am desperate to get my documents back.

    I hope this is all clear.


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    Sep 01, 2007
    A little more to add
    The large file I am trying to open is a sparseimage file, this is the one that keeps asking for password.

    I am trying to open the image with the password from the old install, apple set the password to "apple" on the new install which I have changed back to the old password.

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    I have read up a little more on sparseimages and does anybody know if I need to create a new user account and set its details to the old account or just try to reapir the sparseimage or both.

    My current account does not have the same name as the old account (the pre formatted account), but the password is the same.


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