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    Postscript question
    Hey all

    i've got a quick postscript question and hopefully someone can help me out. In Windows XP when you go to print you can click the advance button on the print dialog window and you get a whole mess of options, specifically under document options->Postscript options there s a pull down tab for "Mirrored Output" My question is where the heck is that on my mac os x machine???

    also as a bonus question who can i check if true type font is set to substitute with device font??

    thanks a bunch

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    I could be wrong, but I believe the first question has to do with the type of printer you have and the printer drivers installed.
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    The second part would be based on what kind of font management you are using. If both versions are open and available then there would be an "advanced" option in the print dialog box somewhere to select which one. I try to keep True Type off my system and use Suitecase 10.x for font control. this usually resolves issues before I get to print.

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