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    Disk Image Fails to mount
    Hi all,
    Trying to install a downloaded Disk Image file for an app called 'Audacity'. Everyone tells me the file is not corrupt and working on their system but it will not mount on mine (10.3.9). This is the file in question:
    Is the problem related to the 'ppc' in the title? I'm not sure whether the term power pc applies to my iBook G4.
    Can anyone let me know why this might not be mounting?


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    Your G4 is based on the PowerPC (PPC) chip rather than the Intel chips. So, the "ppc" part definitely applies to you.

    If it won't mount, I would look for another download source and try the file from there. If two different ones don't mount properly, then I would start to wonder about something else - perhaps some form of issue on your machine.

    However, I bet the file is just corrupt. It happens from time to time.
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    Question Disk Image Problem
    I was having problem with .dmg files on software updates that started after
    installing version 10.4.10 on my I Mac. As I suspected problem had something to do with my router, I found a work around on the Netgear website that allowed the files to download properly! Try this.

    Go to Safari preferences>General, and uncheck the box "Open Safe Files After Downloading"
    Then, try to download the .dmg file.
    You may go back to Safari preferences>General and check the box, if you like.

    Am curious to know if you are using a router?

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    Am not using a router. In fact I was using a PC to download the .dmg file then transfer it by USB key to my mac, so no router involved.
    Curiously, I have used a router with my iBook before, and curiouser still around that time (recently) I (unsuccesfully) attempted to install 10.4 on my system.
    Make of that what you will.

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    If you are using a router and still need the 10.4 download, try the tip in my previous post. Worked for me.
    As to the problem with the audacity .dmg I would guess it is a corrupt file.
    Might try to download that file again.
    Good Luck!

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