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    Problem with Finder in OS X 10.3.4
    Hello everyone. I just started having a problem with the Finder within the last two days and I hope someone can help. I am running OS X 10.3.4 on a 1.8 G5 with a gig of RAM. The problem starts when I open the Finder. In the Finder window on the left hand side where it says desktop, movies, applications, documents, music, and pictures, when I will click on desktop it will take a few seconds and start to pinwheel. It will take even longer when I click on any other tab, it will pinwheel for a minute or two. It was not doing this a couple of days ago. I also noticed that when I right click on a folder or click on any itme in the folder it will pinwheel for about 3-5 minutes before it opens it.

    So far I have run the disk utility on the hard drive to repair any permissions that were damaged. I also ran the Tech Tool disk I received from Apple Care to test the hardware within the computer. Everything passed for the hardware test. I was having a similar problem with my last computer, a G4. I took it in and they could not repair the computer. It was a very similar problem, it would pinwheel and eventually crash.

    If anyone could give any other suggestions as to what else I could try to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Reboot the computer
    As soon as it starts to boot hold down the Apple + S keys
    Hold them until you see a bunch of text starting to load
    When that is done type in
    /sbin/fsck -f
    Hit Enter
    I have a feeling that will fix some errors...if it does run the test again
    When it says Macintosh HD is OK type in
    and hit enter to bring you back to OS X
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    As trpnmonkey41 said, and have you been running either Mac janitor or cron tasks from the terminal?

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    Hey, I think I have it fixed. I tried what trpnmonkey41 suggested twice and both times it said it was ok. The only thing I did notice from it was that the fan would start to get really really loud, louder than I have heard it in the past. I then read the Sticky for Basic OS X Troubleshooting and deleted the cache files in my library section and rebooted. That seems to have fixed it. So, there was a problem with a program that corrupted a cache file? What would cause that? Thanks for the suggestions.

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