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    Leopard for eMac G4 1.25GHz
    Hello, I was on the Apple site a few days ago reading about its latest OS, "Leopard" (coming in October) and I was astounded by all of the new features. However, I have a older eMac with a 1.25GHz processor. Furthermore, I have added a decent amount of software and some hardware to it. What I would like to know is:

    1. Is my PC fast enough for Leopard
    2. Will getting Leopard mean I have to get replace my old hardware and software?


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    1. That eMac will almost certainly run Leopard, assuming it has enough memory. Some of the slick graphical special effects might be disabled, or might be a little sluggish, but it should be quite functional.

    2. Most of your software and hardware should work just as it does now. There may be some incompatibilities, which we won't know about until Leopard is available.

    If the above sounds a bit pessimistic, it's because Leopard is still a big unknown.

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    If the trend set by Tiger continues with Leopard, some visual effects or eye candy that you can find in Core Image might not work because for example, your video card would not be compatible. It doesn't stop the Mac from working mind you, it's just that there are some screensavers a non-supported video card can't use and stuff like that.

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