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    Unhappy file encryption! for the love of god someone help me!!
    i decided to use the file encryption feature because i foolishly assumed the feature would actually work like i believed it would. lo and behold, this is not the case. i just started up my macbook and it asked for the password to my user account. fine. i typed it. but apparently this was the wrong password (which it wasnt). i typed it again and again but could not get into my account. a prompt came up telling me to put in the master password so i could reset my user password (a safeguard for just such situations). i typed the master password (which thank god worked) and arrived at a screen at which i was supposed to create a new user password and log in. i created a new password and as i hit enter i got this message, "You are unable to log in to the user acount '[name of it]' at this time."

    so, i ask, WHAT ????

    please tell me my files arent lost forever, please please please please pleaseeee!!!!!!!!

    edit: i just read the 'read before posting' (har har)... if a mod could move this to the right forum that would be nice...

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    moved per request.
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    ok so i called apple and apparently something happened to the system and i had to reinstall. a-ok. i didnt wipe the HD, i just installed a working one.

    the final problem that arises: on my HD there is a "previous system" which is what i previously had on my HD and what i need to get into. the problem is i cant open it. the file is like 43gigs and ends in .sparseimage, when i try to open it i get this message: "no mountable file systems."

    help plz?

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    Well I dunno: I'd say it looks like you can't use anything in there. Besides, you'd be importing corrupted data back into a brand new working install and it might mess this new one up as well.

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    is there any way to get information off of a ".sparseimage"??

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    From what I hear, you can't get into a filevault image without a password. Its encrypted all over....

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    thanks headcase... though the problem is bigger than that. it seems to disk thing is messed up altogether. blasted file vault.

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